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So remember my previous journal entry about getting my PC repaired, which was like a month ago? Well, do I have a story to tell you. Boy oh boy, where to start... Just a warning, this might become a tl;dr journal xD

April 7th - My PC loses power randomly. Decided to take my PC tomorrow to get it fixed, after reporting a claim to UPS by damaging my PC during shipment. 

April 8th - Took my computer to Easy Tech to get it repaired. Tech Associate told me they'll call me tomorrow morning and will explain what needs to be replaced. 

April 9th - Tech Associate called me on morning. Told me that the power supply is malfunctioning, the inside of it is not making a full contact with other wires, henceforth why the power shuts off randomly. The rest of computer parts are fine. Told me if I want to place order for a replacement. I said go ahead. Tech Associate tells me the power supply will arrive around next Monday, which is April 12th. This is the part I made the most regrettable decision.

April 12th - No calls from tech associate, and since I was passing by Staples, thought I might as well check Easy Tech. Tech Supervisor told me that the power supply will arrive on Friday (April 18th). Since I was not in a real hurry, I said ok and left the store.

April 18th - No words from Easy Tech. Decided to check Easy Tech again and asked one of the staff about power supply. Tech Associate said "What power supply?" After explaining about how I placed an order of a power supply so I can get my PC fixed, tech associate goes in the back. Comes back after 15 minutes later and tells me that they do not have it. Remaining calm I asked them is he sure. He said yes. I said "What about that cardboard box at that end of the desk that says Corsair PSU?" He checked and it turned out it was my power supply I placed an order. Told me they will get it fixed and will give me call. But with Easter coming up, repair will not be done till next Monday. I leave the store, and thought to myself 'at least I will get my PC back on April 21st.'

April 21st - Tech called me... The power supply that arrived turned out to be faulty product. The fan on top of the power supply will not spin at all. Tech supervisor said they already replaced an order for replacement. I asked how long till the next power supply arrives. Tech says next Wednesday (April 23rd). At this moment I should have told them to cancel the order, so I can just get one myself from Amazon with expedited shipping. But I decided to trust Easy Tech since it was the manufacturer who sent a faulty product and at fault not Easy Tech. 

April 22nd - My older sister sent me a netbook since I only have iPad and there are limits what iPad can do.

April 23rd - No calls from tech, paid a visit to them. Really starting to lose patient. To think a simple replacement would take 2 weeks. Tech supervisor tells me it back-ordered meaning it will take couple extra days. I asked "How many more days?" Tech says 3 days. Left the store since I was left with no choice. Can this get any worse?

April 25th - No calls. Called Easy Tech and said, "Yeah it won't arrive till next Friday." That's... May 2nd. My lid was about to pop out. I just hung up so I won't vent on them.

May 2nd - Another delay on shipment replacement, will not arrive till May 5th. It's definitely getting worse.

May 5th - Got a call from Easy Tech that the power supply replacement finally finally arrived. Told me they will give me call tomorrow once everything is assembled. I'm just wishing this will be all over.

May 6th - Decided to go to Easy Tech myself so I can finally see my computer up and running. Instead of bringing out my PC, tech brings out the power supply. Shows me a broken outlets of the power supply. All of a sudden my heart just sank all the way down to 11th circle of hell. Tech tells me the replacement too came in as faulty product and asks me if I would like to order another replacement which will take another 2 weeks... Ok I gotta give credit to that tech guy, saying that to a customer who had to wait almost 1 BLOODY MONTH for a single replacement. Enough is enough. I struck the ultimatum. I told them to cancel everything: no more replacement, no more waiting, and no more faulty products. After discussing with tech supervisor, they refunded all the repair + diagnosis check fees and the power supply. They also said they will compensate for giving out one free product. I told them I will talk about compensation later AFTER the PC is repaired. Told them to hold on to my PC until I get the power supply myself.

May 9th - With the power of Amazon prime, power supply arrived, no damage. I immediately took it to Easy Tech. Tech associate plugs my power supply to my PC and tells me "Nothing man, I think this power supply too is a faulty product." Unable to accept this "faulty product" excuse anymore I went over to his desk to see this myself. Turns out the tech guy did not even plugged my power supply cords to my hard drive and fans. The PC boots on aaaaaaaaaand it keeps repeatedly shuts off and on. Tech guy tells me maybe I need to have my motherboard too replaced. No way, absolutely now way, I am walking out here again empty handed. I said to the tech guy firmly, "Look, I have been waiting for one month, one damn month, just to get this damn power supply replaced. I will not once again walk out here empty handed. Also after holding on to my PC for a month, you now tell me that I also should replace my motherboard? You will get this fixed... Now." Tech guy brings another tech associate to have this PC repair done. Turns out the RAM slot was the issue and all it needed was to have RAM placed in different slot. Finally FINALLY the PC boots normally. I never thought seeing my desktop and all the icons on the monitor would be so cathartic. The repair is finally... Over. 

April 8th - May 9th... Who would've knew it would took this long for a single power supply replacement. So what have we learned? If tech asks you to replace certain PC part, do it yourself. Do not allow Easy Tech to have you place order for some certain part. It only took me 3 days (May 7th - May 9th) for this whole repair process to be done. Which I find it very sad.
Though it is partially my fault for not requesting them to cancel the replacement much sooner but I never thought it would've been THIS bad.

At least I have my PC back, with fresh new power supply, also a new Targus brand iPad cover (which was 50 bucks) for free. Now if you would excuse me, it is time to fire up my cintiq tablet and get drawing c:

Till then!~

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Computer Status

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:42 PM
As much as I want to get back on digital painting, for those who missed my previous journal entry, my computer isn't exactly in a condition to be used in full capacity after how UPS handled my computer.
Current state: working normally but not sure if it's safe to leave it on for prolong time, also have to manually switch off power supply when shutting down or else it will restart by itself.

I finally had UPS inspector to come over to my place and take pictures of the damage. Turns out there are more steps to be taken until I receive full compensation. I still have to take my desktop to the technical support, get it fixed, search the same desktop model that needs to be replaced, and fax the total amount of cost to get it repaired and replaced. It is quite frustrating that I cannot get my compensation immediately but it is the only way for now. It's been years since I last used fax machine, hope I still remember how to use that ancient tech lol 

This means no computer for few days. At least I have my tablet so I got something that will keep me entertained.
Let's hope this ends swiftly so I can finally get back on track.

PS stuff I ordered thru Amazon that was suppose to arrive last Saturday got lost during transit. Yay life!

  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: Chris Christodoulou's Risk of Rain OST
  • Reading: 1984 by George Orwell


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